When you are trying so much to get a healthier hair, it is unavoidable for us to do something during your sleeping, which means our hair will get damaged while we are having a reset. Don`t worry, we can also follow the tips in this article to keep our hair healthy when we are sleep, sleeping with braids is the recommended one to keep hair healthy during the sleeing.

1.Brush your hair before sleep

 Brushing hair before sleep can reduce knots and tangles when you wake up.



2. Braid your hair loosely before go to bed

 Braid your hair loosely can gather your hair methodically if you keep turning and tossing at night. Alternatively, and take you the one you like: side braid, two pig-tail braids, rope braid, dutch braid and so on. For example you can make a fishtail braid by the following steps:

 a. Make sure the hair is smooth and frizz free.

 b. Take a small piece from the outside of one section. Add the small section to the inside of the opposite half.

 c. Again, take a small piece of hair from the outside of the opposite half.

 d. Add it to the inside of the opposite section, you will see the x is being formed.

 e. Small piece from the outside and inside.

 f. Tie off the hair to secure



3. Choose and take a silk or satin pillow case

 This is less rough on the hair compared to regular pillowcases, which can reduce more damage to your hair.



4. Don`t take elastic bands as possible as you can

If you don`t want your hair breakage or get stressed on your roots, you need to use a soft scrunchie and tie your ponytailn very lightly at the top of your head instead.



5. Sleep With Dry Hair

 Sleeping with dry hair is highly recommended way for hair health, because wet hair is very delicate, which is much easier to get frizzed and broken.



These 5 tips are very easy in daily life, but you need to keep in mind and persist to them, for your virgin hair. What`s more, the care for hair extension is also very important, which is similar to the real hair. You can refer to how long do hair extensions last to get tips for hair extensions caring.



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