As much as we wish it did, we have to face the truth that the summer holiday has already gone. Before we know it, we’ll be back in school. We all know how crucial the first day of school outfit is, so maybe you’re already raiding the mall on a daily basis trying to find one that is just glamour.


Once we find the perfect outfit, we can finally relief a little. Our minds are at ease, until we remember we forgot one very important detail our hair. If you don’t know what to do with your hair, look no further. Below, we’ve gathered the best first day of school hairstyles to start off the year fashion forward.


These are back to school hairstyles braids:


Front Braid


This is a great way to keep your hair out of face all day. French braid just the front hairs running from ear to ear. For an easier braid, comb a part that divides the hair you'll braid from the rest.


Braid Garland


One of the first day of school hairstyles --- Braid all the way around! I especially loved the glitter and the sweet style. You'll want to part beforehand again just to make sure you're braiding equally all around the head. Start front and center and French braid on each side, meeting at the back.


Clipped-Back Braid


Create a small braid on either side of the head. Then drape each braid toward the back of the head and clip secure. This is another great way to keep hair out of the face. Clipping the braids back keeps them from flying around and also gives you an graceful princess appearance.


Side Braid


This is a single braid pulled over to one side. Comb the hair over to one side and then braid straight down.



Fishtail Braid


I think a fishtail braid looks so cool among the first day of school hairstyles! it really light up an ordinary braid ponytail.


Side Inside-Out Braid


The complex side French braid is one of the top first day of school hairstyles that look great on long and slightly curly hair. Whether child in elementary, middle school or high school, she can pull off this cool look. Decide on how messy or tight you want this hairstyle to be before you begin, as the process for these two looks is slightly different.


Four Strand Braid


The four strand braid is extremely elegant back to school hairstyles for long hair. An added glam is that it’s relatively fast and easy to create. Separate your hair into four strands. Cross the first strand over the second one, then the first under third, and the first over the fourth one. Continue the pattern until you hit the end.



Layered Braid


Whether your tresses are too thick or thin, you’ll still be able to copy this radiant style. The intricate details of this layered five strand braid will awaken your creativity. The mini flower hairband works as a gorgeous final stroke.




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