The stunning art of hair braiding can be dated back to ancient times. In such eras, different styles of braiding were enough to signify ones social status, and wealth and in African countries, different tribes could be identified by their different braiding styles. In the modern world, though braiding has evolved to be a more universal type of style, it still retains all of its complexity and beauty.


Sleek hair pulled back into intricate braided designs is thrilling to see. From three-strand braids and French braids to dutch braid into ponytail and fishtail braids, these quick and easy styles can jazz up even the dullest hairstyles, such as a ponytail.


Wearing a dutch braid into ponytail make sure that you’re able to jazz up your easy ponytail while keeping all of that hair out of your face. This style is good for school and less-corporate jobs where you’d like to keep your hair back while still keeping it cute! It’s time to stop thinking of ponytails as “lazy day” hairstyles.


How to do a dutch braid into ponytail on short hair?

Step 1: Separate your hair into three equal sections.

Step 2: Create a Dutch braid by braiding the sections in a "left under, right under" pattern, weaving the left piece of hair under the center piece, then right piece under the center, grabbing and adding small sections of hair each time as you go.

Step 3: Add hair from your roots as you continue down the back of your head. Secure with an elastic.

Step 4: If any pieces from the bottom don't fit into the braid, simply clip them up towards the middle to make it look cohesive.


As a girl with short hair, I never really thought wearing braids was an choice for me. I do other stuff like dye my hair purple instead. Which, fun fact, this braid really brought the color out more than a traditional three strand or French braid style.


Double side braid ponytail:


If you’re good at at braiding, then this style is definitely for you. Starring a stunning wide fishtail braid and a cornrow braid, this messy hairstyle is full of creativity.


And that’s it! There are still ponytail braids for black hair. Would you try these look? These braids are the best for a workout! They make you feel so stylish and keep the hair away, which makes going to the gym just a little bit more enjoyable. 



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