Who doesn’t want a thick ,beautiful and sleek hair in daily life?Espencially for those girls whose hair are scarce and not suitable for dyeing or ironing,so having a straight and neat,or waving hairstyle in a good condition can make them more confident in life and work.However not everyone is blessed with straight or smooth hair and putting your hair through the flat iron every day is not only time consuming but also detrimental to the health of your delicate hair. Sometimes we cut a short hair ,but we soon regret that ,what can we do?



One of My friends once had a awful time that feeling inferior about her scarce hair,every time when she looks at the beautiful thick hair growing on other girls, bad feelings come up in her heart,sometime it is really frustrated and furious about her own drawback.However, it is born with her life ,unless doing an expensive and risky operation .What’s the solution? Come to Rebecca for help.

A wig is made from human hair, wool, feathers, or synthetic materials. Some people wear it to disguise their bald heads. Some wear it to make them look fashionable and beautiful.It is the saver of those people I mentioned. However, how to choose a suitable wig is a big issue.I will give you some advice about that.

1Choose the wig that matches your face shape

A perfect wig should be in line with your temperament and play a part in beautifying your face, which is a golden rule of choosing wigs.Everyone has its own face, so it’s necessary to find a wig which is suit for your own face.


For example, the long-faced people can try a thick bang in order to make the forehead feel plumpness, and fluff the sides out. This type of wigs can shorten the face visually and modify the face line. In addition, long straight hairstyle is not good.

Enter Rebecca Fashion,you will know more about it.

2、Skin color decides wigs choosing

For example,people of yellow color,this type of ladies can choose natural black and light brown and some other kinds of dark colors. All these colors will make the yellow skin appear to be a little bit fair-skinned. Keep in mind that  do not pick the wig in yellow color, for it looks more ugly.

After choosing the right wig for you hair, the next step would be how to take care of your wig.You have to clean it carefully .Here are some steps:

Step1 :prepare some lukewarm water, drop some dedicated shampoo for wigs.

Step2 :soak your wigs for 5 minutes

Step3 :take out your wig and comb it gently, then use some clean water to clean it.

Step4: put your wig on a dry towel and cover it, then press it gently.


Step5:put your wig on a round object; use a comb and a hair dryer to dry it. If you want to give it some style, then you can use some spray and gel.