As a popular generation, if you are considering about transitioning or giving your natural hair a relief from everyday stable styling, crochet braids are your best choice. The popularity of crochet braids first gained between the 90s,then more and more women and girls love their realistic look of crochet braids. 




If you want to have a perfect crochet braids, there`s one important thing you need to keep in mind that moisture is key. For the hairstyles of crochet braids, girls need to keep showing love to their natural hair underneath with moisture .Just apply a lightweight oil to your natural hair regularly, and don`t forget to sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase to keep frizz at bay. Thus, you can have a perfect popular crochet braids.




There are varieties of styles for you to achieve with crochet braids are endless; Sporting anything from a bob with tight curls to a long and straight hairstyle is a perfect choice; Twisting or even fauxing locs are alternatively available. Beyond those impressive styling choices you prefer, crochet braids can typically remain in good shape for up to 8 weeks. What`s more, the installation process of crochet braids, which is usually under three hours, isn`t nearly as time-consuming as other protective styles like box braids.





Besides the photos above collected from Instagram from the lovely girls with crochet braids, we will also show you the images in the rest of this article to give you the choices to get your favorite one. 




The process of crochet braids begins with a stylist braiding natural hair into cornrows, then taking a latch or crochet hook to attach synthetic hair extensions.(See one of our rebecca synthetic hair extensions for crochet braids at the bottom of this article).




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