When you standing in front of the camera or mirror, no one will refuse the photographer or makeup artist create the most beautiful you. If you want to get the most perfect effect, you need a smart shining standing ring light to offer enough brightness for them. As a part for makeup, now we will show you several steps to get a diy ring light with stand. It is also a secret for you to get the perfect photos by ring light with stand.




What a diy makeup right light with stand needs?


*Rope lights

*Nail file

*Wreath frame

*Zip Ties


Tips. The size of ring light with stand is not the only one, you should know the perimeter of your mirror or lens, then center the rope lights, wreath frame and zip ties with the size of your mirror, getting an adjustable switch on the diy ring light is perfect if you could, which enables you to be more creative.




Steps for diy ring light with stand


*1.Location determination. The first step is to determine the location of the diy standing ring light,

higher, lower or in the middle of your mirror. For the makeup mirror, the size of your ring light

with stand couldn`t beyond your mirror; for the camera lens, your diy ring light with stand should

be a little bigger than the lens.


*2.Rope lights unplugged





For safety and easy operations of diy ring light with stand, you need to unplug the rope lights from the electrical cord.


*3.Carefully and securely tie




The third step for ring light standing is that ensure the perimeter of wreath frame, then take one end of rope light around the wreath frame and fasten them with zip tie on the outer edge securely. When you finish the first tie, secure the rest of rope light in the same way.


*4. Cut the end of zip tie. This is not the necessary steps, you can get rid of it if you are in busy.





* Stand for ring light





Actually a diy ring light is finished by now. Take a light stand to fasten the ring light to make it standing in front of your mirror. To use the diy ring light with less trouble afterwards,  remember to put the end of rope light downwards to where the electrical cords connects.


Now this is what you will get in the end!




Open your own diy ring light and see what you could do, a perfect makeup won`t be out of your mind. Worrying about the hairstyle? Also follow the easy DIY to get a special hairstyle!


Just be lack of a pack of Loose Wave to make full use of working ring light stand?




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Brand Name: Rebecca Fahion                                        

Can Be Dyed : Yes

Material: Human Hair

Can Be Permed: Yes

Material Grade: Remy Hair

Texture: Loose Wave

Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

Items per Package: 3PCS

Unit Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/piece

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