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  •  Sexy Black and Red Ombre lips

    Are you still wearing a common red lip for nights in clubs?  Now it is a chance to make some changes. Ombre isn’t just a choice for your hair! The sexy, ombré lip look is one you want to wear always, and shout to the world about it.

    Ombre lips can look awesome, but if not done correctly they can make you look very tacky! The secret to doing ombre lips is to first try it out with your regular lip colors. Play around with different hues that merge well together and once you are satisfied with the results only then step out into the open.

      Sexy Black and Red Ombre lips

    All you need for this interesting gradient lipstick is a concealer, a lip liner, and a very light shade of lipstick.

    1. Camouflage your lips with a non-drying concealer to prevent feathering. "When you're applying such intense hues, you want to prevent any movement of your lip color, such as feathering or bleeding," Cosenza says. Model Bianca used Bobbi Brown Concealer in "Natural Tan." "After you've applied cover-up all over your lips, continue by lining the outside of your natural lip line with No Bleeding Lips for extra protection against your lip color traveling."

    2. Outline your lips in black. "Using a black eyeliner — one that's safe to use on your mouth too — start lining your entire pout, and then fill in the outer corners only," she says. "This will create that gradated effect once you put the pop of color on your lips." Bianca used Eye Pencil in "Zero" — its ingredients are non-toxic and vegan, so they won't harm you if you ingest the formula.

    3. Coat your lips in a classic red shade. Starting from the center and blending out toward the black liner, apply your favorite red lipstick with a lip brush. Bianca went with Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Color Lipstick in "#42 Satin Vermilion Red." "Make sure to blend the colors with the lip brush where the edges meet to get that seamless ombré look," Cosenza adds. "And you can even top it with a clear gloss to give it that patent finish."

  • Ombre hair is a coloring effect in which the bottom portion of your hair looks lighter than the top portion. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to bleach the lower portion of your hair. Ombre hair is perhaps the most popular idea for any girl now, it is in trend and looks great for every type of hair. You can add an ombre effect to short, midi length and long hair, too, it’ll look great. There are many types of gradations, from the smoothest to the most striking, let’s have a look at them.


    There are two types of ombre: traditional, and reverse. The traditional ombre has a lighter color at the tips of your hair than at the roots, while a reverse ombre has darker tips and lighter roots. Traditional ombre is much more popular now because it looks very natural and with some shades your hair will be like sun-kissed. The more subtle the color change, the more natural and sun-kissed your hair will appear.

     baby ombre for medium length hair

    You can go to a salon or watch videos to ombre your hair yourself. Make sure you buy one designed for dark hair, because that really makes a difference! Also, try to find a dye with bleach built-in, so that you don’t have to bleach and dye your hair separately, which damages your hair a lot. Decide where you want the colors meet, be aware that if they meet too high, it may look like you have grown-out roots. Failing to fully saturate your hair will produce a patchy, uneven result and the same will happen if the product is allowed to dry.


    A pro colourist might give you this effect by painting highlights on your hair freehand, without using foils -- that's a new-yet-again technique called ballyage, and it yields the most gorgeous, nature-did-it colour. Or you can save yourself the cash and DIY at home.


    How-to DIY ballyage for baby ombré colour

    1 Prep hair color as per box instructions (don't forget the patch test 48 hours prior; a strand test is a good idea, too).

    2 Part hair evenly down the centre, from forehead to nape of the neck; secure the right side to keep it out of the way.

    3 On the left half, from the centre part down toward ears, create four or five 2-inch sections.

    4 Twist each section tightly; secure with a clip at the base, near the scalp.

    5 Repeat on right side.

    6 Watch the little video below for tips on technique.

    7 To apply the color, twist the section again, then use your gloved fingers to smooth color from about one third down the twist to the tips (see video below). The higher you apply the color, the higher the starting point of your highlights.

    8 Once all twists have been treated, allow color to process according to directions in the box.  

    9 When time is up, wash the dye out.

    10 Style and admire your baby ombré highlights, then treat yourself to something lovely with all that cash you've saved.

    11 This less-than-two-minute vid features Luis Pacheco (well, just his hands) demonstrating his baby ombré/ballyage technique.

  • hyrehyr5hut5u65u


    Nowadays, we are more and more purchasing for an environmental era, which means living around harmoniously is a trend. To be beautiful but need to be harmony with nature, the idea of cruelty free makeup is coming out, requiring to no more animal testing. As we know, there are too many makeup products around us, claiming that they are the exactly cruelty-free makeup, if you keep asking like is smashbox cruelty free? Actually many of them are not true. Moreover, except the smashbox which is exactly cruelty-free, here we will show you 10 more vegan makeup brands without animal testing.








    If you still wondering smashbox is really cruelty free, then yes again. As the part of European Partnership For Alternatives To Animal Testing, the products of smashbox is cruelty free makeup consisting no animal testing exactly. 







    Beside the smashbox cruelty-free approved, Parcifia is known as vegan cruelty free makeup without parabens, peanut oil triclosan containing, which is a perfect definition of “ I don`t want to look old quickly”  


    #3.ELF cosmetics





    As one of the well-known cruelty free makeup like smashbox, the comparative advantage of ELF could be its kindly price and the features of effective, practical and functional. If you tried ELF before, you won`t forget only $6 dollar cost blush.


    #4. Dose of colors





    There should be one more reason for you to love Dose of colors with all of your enthusiasm like the cruelty smashbox, the series of Dose of colors are 100% the kind of cruelty free makeup, with the vegan containing. Just take it to be beautiful and friendly with the furring around you!


    #5.Anastasia Beverly Hills





    Eyes are the windows of your heart. Except the cruelty free foundation given by smashbox, If you want to show up with the best of you, the eyes makeup can`t be ignored. The famous brand Anastasia Beverly Hills honestly persist in makeup without honey or beeswax, that`s why its brow products and eyeshadow palettes are hot sale.







    To be consisted with the faith of vegan wanting the beauty, a vegan lip can meet all of your needs in your hurry morning with no time for cruelty free smashbox foundation. The series lips of Kylie brand is a great choice for you, enabling lots of time saving and real cruelty free.


    #7.Jeffree Star Cosmetics





    Most of us believe smashbox is cruelty free and are used to take in our daily time. As the color in the cosmetic box shown, Jeffree Star enables us a cruelty free makeup to show out in celebrities like Halloween without any worrying about the guilty of animal testing!


    #8.BH Cosmetics





    For beauties focus on Shaaanxo makeup in Yutube, the palette of BH should be impressive. Just like the faith that smashbox is cruelty free, if the certified vegan brand is the key point when you choosing a makeup product, then BH Cosmetics are the one obviously that you need. Without the drama price, the foundation, lipstics and eye makeup are also 3 cruelty free signature of BH Cosmetics.







    If the cruelty free smashbox looks perfect for mature of older women, look at the lovely Hello Kitty, the brand of Colour pop seems like to offer their vegan makeup for teenager girls. As the approved cruelty free makeup brand, colourpop will get rid of the retouched for its durable, also give a smooth pretty feeling for girls.






    Pro powder foundation lovers won`t forget the bareMinerals. Want to get a pro powder foundation with the strong faith like smashbox is cruelty free, bareMinerals couldn`t get out of your makeup list. Besides the pretty natural foundation, their hot sale brushes are made of goat and pony hair, which won`t do any harm to animals.


    Pay more attention to cruelty free smashbox makeups, don`t forget your hairstyle! Take the pack of Brazilian Remy Virgin Human Hair 100% made of fallen human hair to make a creative look!



    Price: $63.14

    Brand Name: Rebecca Fahion     

    Can Be Dyed: Yes

    Material: Human Hair

    Can Be Permed: Yes

    Material Grade: Remy Hair

    Texture: Straight

    Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

    Items per Package: 3PCS

    Unit Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/piece

    Hair Weft: Machine Double Weft


    Yarn braids are unique! It is an excellent protective style for any women. Have you been wearing your hair naturally for quite a long time now? Are you wearing an Afro ever since you were a child? Having a natural hairstyle seems cool, however, if you’re getting tired of those naturals, why not try yarn braids. Braids are very symbolic for black ladies. We have some Yarn braids pictures in this post.


    What Are Yarn Braids:


    Yarn braids are exactly braids that are made of yarn. The yarn can mimic the your own hair in color or have a more fashionable look. Even if yarn braids have been around for a long time, they have just been popular recently.


    Here Are Some Benefits Of Yarn Braids:


    Money Saver

    Eliminate the Mess

    Look natural

    Get The Look of Locs Without the Commitment


    How To Do Yarn Braids:


    Before you do it, It is very essential to use ACRYLIC YARN only and not any other type of yarn. Make sure that it is 100% acrylic.


    Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly.

    Step 2: Get a strand of yarn and put it on your head. Measure it base on your desired length. Cut six pieces of yarn strands with the same measurement.

    Step 3: Part your hair. Get a strand of your hair and loop three strands of yarn around it.

    Step 4: In order to do the braids, you must have three sections. One section is your hair and the other two sections are composed of three yarn strands each.

    Step 5: In case you almost run out of hair, take one strand from the two parts. This means that you will have two yarn strands for each strand.

    Step 6: Keep braiding until you reach your preferred length.

    Step 7: Make a slipknot at the ends of the braid. Be sure that it is tight and cut the rest of yarn.

    Step 8: If you want to make it look more amazing, just burn the ends.



    Some Yarn Braid Styles:


    1. Chunky Twist Out: detangle your hair using a wide tooth brush and separate each twist using coconut oil. Your hair will definitely get frizzy after you spend a few minutes outside.



    2. Spiral & Flexi Rods: also called the “mount Everest hairstyle” or the “Curly fro T n C”, this hairstyle is quite unique. After you wash your hair, apply some conditioner and some curl soothing cream. Next, use some perm and flexi rods and unravel each plait. Start doing medium sized flat twists in the front of your head and other two above each ear.



    3. Johnny Bravo Pompadour & Flat Spiral Twist Out: these are other two famous hairstyles you should try.





    Rebecca Synthetic Jumb Braid Crochet Hair Extension 2pcs 22 Inch



    Item Name:HRB1511-F109P
    Product Type:Weave
    Hair Texture:Synthetic Hair Fiber
    Available Color:30#
    Net Weight:160g
    Length: 22"
    Package:Cardboard With PVC Bag
    Description:FREEDOM 22" Synthetic Jumbo Braiding Hair High Temperature Fiber Crochet Jumbo Braid Hair Extensions 2Pcs/Pack 150g/Pack.
    Delivery:DHL(3~5 working days ), UPS( 2~4working days).



  • The term “A-line” generally refers to the perimeter of the haircut. It means that the hair is shorter in the back, and angles to a longer front. A true A line bob will not have layers or “stacking” in the back. It will frame the face in the front and curl under the chin.


    Here are some A line bob styles:


    1. Wild and Red A-Line Haircut



    This bob features bold steaks of deep red throughout, illuminating the face and accentuating cut layers. Hair should rest just below the chin line, making it a hairstyle that’s easy to handle.


    2. Wavy A-line Bob Hairstyle



    If you were born with breathtaking beach waves, you’re one step ahead of most of us! However, you can still easily achieve this look on the base of a long bob cut. Just get a large curling iron and do it. Add in some fun front highlights to brighten up the face.


    3. Red A Line Bob



    Many ladies prefer a true sleek a line bob cut. But if it’s your desire, you can add layers in the back and try a short A line bob that doesn’t curl under the chin but points to it. That’s in case you like your cute pointy chin!


    4. A-Line Bob With Bang



    This hairstyle is an short A line haircut with a bang in the front and a slight graduation in the back. My favorite part of this hairstyle is where I left the front point of the bob a little longer and softer to give it a flowing feel. 


    How to Maintain A Line Bob Hairstyle


    Step 1: Wash and dry your hair as required, 3 or 4 times a week.


    Step 2: Use a dry shampoo to hair if you want to add volume without washing.


    Step 3: Keep angled bobs looking volumized by applying gel to the hair before drying. This will help style the hair the way you wanted.


    Step 4: Maintain sleek, straight bobs by applying a straightening balm before you dry your hair. Rub a quarter-size amount of balm between your hands and apply to your hair. Use a paddle brush to pull hair downward as you brush to give the hair a sleek and straight style.


    Step 5: Curl the bottom of the hair inward or outward with a curling iron. Section hair into 2-inch areas and insert the hair between the curling iron clamp and barrel.


    Step 6: Straighten stubborn hair with a ceramic flat-iron. Buy ceramic to help retain moisture in your hair and not receive flyaways or frizzy hair after it is straightened.


    Step 7: Trim it regularly. You can either trim the hair yourself or you can visit your hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks. 



    A beautifully colored manicure on your nails can make you feel confident and it is an affordable way to change your look. Nail colors come in so many different shades that it is very easy to choose a different one every week,especially if you are doing them yourself. With all of the information and equipment on the market, giving yourself a professional manicure and glaze is easier than ever. Let's do a China Glaze Review, and hope you will find all you need here.


    One of the most popular nail polish companies on the market is China Glaze. They have a variety of color shades in crèmes, glitters and shimmers to meet your needs. The quality of the polish is special and highly rated.


    Gelaze is a base coat and a gel in one, which is fantastic because I used to spend much time on each layer when doing gel nails. I cook a lot and use my hands frequently, so normal nail polish only lasts one day. This is super frustrating because how much time I can have to put into painting my nails? Gel nails are basically the best thing since ceramic hair straighteners. Though I have been a huge fan of gel nails since I bought a UV light about half year ago, I noticed that the color range of gel polish was almost always disappointing. A huge array of “just a bit off” colors! How am I gonna choose from these? This nightmare stops until China Glaze introduced this brand new Gelaze collection! The colors are great, they take lesser steps to apply, and they withstand the daily grind of dishes and opening people proof packaging.


    We will show you how to apply Gelaze, a new gel-polish system featuring lesser steps than the traditional gel manicure:



    1. Perform a dry manicure. Then remove shine from the natural nail with a buffer.


    2. Apply a thin coat of Gel-n-Base in One gel-polish and cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp or two minutes under UV. Repeat the process for a second coat.



    3. Apply a thin coat of Gelaze Gel Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds with LED or two minutes with UV.



    4. Wipe the cured nails with a Gelaze Pre-Soaked Gel Cleanser Pad to remove the sticky gel residue.



    5. When you remove the gel, break the seal of the gel nail with a nail file.



    6. Saturate Gelaze Professional Gel and Nail Polish Remover Wrap with Gelaze Gel Remover. Wrap it securely around the nail. Let the remover penetrate the nails for about 10 minutes.



    7. Use an orangewood stick to gently loosen and get rid of the gel.




  • Scarf Braid

    It’s time to bust out those cloth scarves hanging in your closet because I’ve got the styling idea for them! A genius way to conceal the fine texture of your hair while adding a pop of color and cuteness to it is by tying a cloth scarf as a headband around your head! Pair that with an adorable side braid and you’re good to go.

     Scarf Braid

    What You Need

    Hair elastic

    Cloth scarf

    How To Style

    1 Flip all your head over one shoulder.

    2 Leaving out your bangs, and keeping one strand thinner than the other two, braid your hair in a simple side braid.

    3 Tug apart and loosen the braid to give it some width and texture.

    4 Place the center of your scarf across the back of your head and bring the ends to the front.

    5 Twist and switch the ends in front and tie them in a knot at the back of your head to finish off the look.


    French Twisted Side Braid

    When you have thin hair, the basic 3-strand braid can make it look even thinner. A good way to combat this problem is to experiment with new braiding styles. This French twisted side braid is especially easy to do on thin hair and look effortlessly chic.

     French Twisted Side Braid

    What You Need

    Hair elastic

    Fancy hair pin

    How To Style

    1 Part your hair on one side.

    2 Pick up two 2 inch sections of hair from right next to your parting.

    3 Start French twisting your braid by continuously flipping the front section over the back section and adding more from the side of your forehead which subsequent twist.

    4 Once your braid has gone past your ear and you’ve run out of hair to add, split all your hair into 2 sections.

    5 Individually twist these sections right till the end and intertwine them with each other.

    6 Secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic.

    7 Insert your fancy pin onto your braid to finish off the look.


    Texturized Twists On Open Hair

    Wanna rock that “good girl” look that Shraddha Kapoor always seems to be sporting? Then, check out this super adorable twisted hair look! It’s perfectly suited to be sported over both traditional and casual outfits and is adorable, to say the least.

     Texturized Twists On Open Hair

    What You Need

    Heat protectant

    Straightening iron

    Bobby pins

    How To Style

    1 Apply some heat protectant and straighten all your hair.

    2 Part your hair down the middle.

    3 Pick up a 2 inch section of hair from right next to the left side of your parting and split it into two.

    4 Individually twist these sections of hair right till the end.

    5 Now, continuously flip the front section over the back section while adding more hair from the side of your forehead with each subsequent twist.

    6 Once your twist has gone past your temple, simply twist a couple of times without adding any hair.

    7 Pin down this twist at the side of your head, under your hair.

    8 Repeat steps 3 to 7 on the other side to finish off the look.

  • 16.01.18 0


    Posted in Rebecca Fashion By Alice

    Today’s trendy hair is always complex in color, meaning solid colors are still ok, but if you want a really chic hairstyle, you’ll want to incorporate some subtle or more pronounced accent highlights in your strands.


    Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, there are no rules, but the absolute freedom in self-expression. Very delicate pastel hues, natural shades, silver tones or neon colors can be introduced into your new haircut to bring it to the top of trendy hairstyles.


    Soft Purple Two Tone

     Soft Purple Two Tone

    Two tone hair can be subtle, too! A lighter version to your base hue, like these pastel purple highlights, adds lots of dimension to hair. This 3-D effect is a hack for those with hair that tends to look flat, whether it’s because of texture or color.


    Aquamarine and Silver

     Aquamarine and Silver

    Mermaids are all the rage, and the aquamarine lob is an avant-garde take on the trend. To achieve this hairdo, a base color of turquoise is applied, with top sections and face framing pieces bleached and dyed a bright silver shade. The contrast of colors is also enhanced by different cuts for the top and bottom hair – V-cut layers against blunt and finely chopped ones.


    Mermaid Balayage/Ombre

     Mermaid Balayage/Ombre

    Mermaid color solutions are walking pieces of hair art! The color combos and seamless blending of vibrant hues are so captivating, it’s hard not to start picturing yourself as a sea goddess. It can be a journey to reach these mermaid goals while still maintaining your hair’s health, so always respect the time frame and number of sessions recommended by your stylist to reach the desired tones.


    Electric Highlights

     Electric Highlights

    Hand painted hair gives a natural looking effect to color that is out of the ordinary. Best left to the professionals, balayage highlights in daring hues like this charged hot pink red would have you turning heads.


    Fuchsia and Blue

     Fuchsia and Blue

    How vivacious is a fuchsia and blue blended marriage? Pro tip — choose tones based on your skin undertones; blues and purples complement cool undertones, oranges and reds complement warm undertones.

  • grhr5hj65j6j6j


    The 5th annual iHeartRadio Music Awards passed a week ago, as one of the hostess, Rihanna showed up with her grunge makeup invariably. If you are kind of enthusiastic in the rocky music and the styles, you won`t be strange with the grunge makeup. When the grunge makeup is spoken, Rihanna is the one won`t be forgotten. As a the vintage significant of grunge makeup, the violet series of lips, the smoky eyes and the rocky purple hairstyles are 3 basic what you must-have. In the modern era, if you are nostalgic and want to give the rocky grunge makeup with a little freaky a try, now this article can be your grunge makeup tutorials.




    #1.Sexy low-key grunge makeup





    This kind of low-key makeup could be seen everyday actually, cause it is a kind of makeup for daily work and life, but it is hard to figure out it is the grunge makeup. Just take out your plum lipsticks and earth tone foundation, give your eyes a light smoky shadow. If you want to be perfect, a simple curly shoulder length hairstyle will makes you a rocky sexy.


    #2.Bronze brown soft grunge makeup





    Need to give out a rocky show but too young to hold on the heavier smoky eyeshadow, or not the types of rocky girls? A soft light grunge makeup is the types you exactly need. Try one a bronze smoky eye makeup with a mauvey brown lips, such as the nude lipsticks and nude eyeshadow, which can give you the necessary dark shade of grunge makeup without the emo impression. Then go out with your casual hairstyle, you can hold your show!


    #3. Creative colored grunge makeup





    For most of 90s girls, give some creation for the classic makeup is a trendy fashion, including the colored grunge makeup. It is hard to imagine how can the dark emo grunge makeup can be colored, but forget about the confusion and look at the picture above. Yes, trying the different color of hairstyles, such as the grey or light green (alternatively with a package of wig or hair extension) , covering your face with the heavier red lip and white foundation, giving a little bit red for eyeshadow, you will be surprised at such a creative colored grunge makeup showing by yourself!


    #4.Grunge makeup focusing on smoky eye





    Wanna the kind of simple grunge makeup without so many programs? Just focusing on the steps of your smoky eye which is the key point for grunge makeup. If you want to go with a simple grunge makeup, keep in mind that the same basic colors of hair, eyeshadow, lips and your outfit are important. For a girl with brown hair, a little heavier nude eyeshadow is enough. Then take on your jacket, white shirt and jeans, you will be a landscape.


    #5. Rihanna Grunge makeup style





    Still want to keep up with grunge makeup of Rihanna? This one could be a classic shining grunge makeup of her. About the choices of lips, it`s more suitable for blue or the series of heavier earth tone. You know that the smoky eye is no longer a key point in this grunge makeup, but exactly your hairstyles. Just keep a light smoky eyeshadow and pick up your blonde white hair. You can choose the whole grunge makeup to go with balayage, blonde white clipped in hair extension or wigs. The Grunge makeup of Rihanna is Done!


    Now take the 90s creative grunge makeup video and give yourself a try!



    Necessary hair for grunge makeup like Rihanna

    Rebecca Brazilian Virgin Hair Silky Straight 7pcs/pack Clip-in Extension White color 120gm




    Price: $ 51.44


    Texture: 100% Human Hair

    Origin: Hair Collected From Local Girl


    Can Be Dyed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Can Be Permed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Available Color: 613

    Net Weight: 120g

    Length: 12-22"

    Package: Cardboard With PP Bag

    Advantage: 1.Professional designers/sales/experienced workers.

    2.Perfect quality control system.

    3.Can be ironed and restyled.

    4.Tinnest softest and most flexible weft.

    Delivery: UPS( 2~4 working days),E-Packet(5-7 working days)



    Have you been curious about how to use hair sponge rollers on natural hair? Many people want to know what hair sponge rollers are, and how to apply them to achieve amazing curls.


    Sponge rollers, also known as foam hair curlers, are cute and easy to apply. Your mother and grandmother may used them more frequently. Ladies from the past desired a decent look, and these hair sponge rollers made it possible to get tight, curly hair.


    Today, women are still using them. In this post, you’ll find out how to use sponge rollers on natural hair for beautifully vintage curls.




    Prior to rolling each part of dry hair around a sponge roller, apply mousse and comb through it. Unless you want a very tight curl, do not roll the curler too close to your scalp. Keep them to about the top of your ear for a softer curl.



    When all parts are curled and clipped in place, keep rollers secure with a satin and you can either wear it all day or go to bed in them.



    Take each roller out! At this step you will have ringlet curls.



    The most important step is brushing the curls. Use a soft paddle brush and brush the hair against your hand. This prevents frizzy.


    Some people may have doubts about this hair sponge roller like:


    Do Sponge Rollers Damage Hair?


    You can avoid damage with proper care. Your hair will be damaged if you don’t take good care of it after applying the hair rollers. Strands can also break if you twist the hair too tight on the roller.


    Many people say that foam rollers are drying to the hair because they absorb moisture from the hair. It’s a good idea to buy sponge rollers with satin covers to prevent damage. It will keep the hair from tangling and drying out.


    If you purchased foam rollers in the past, and you don’t want to buy satin rollers now, try wrapping tissue paper over the roller to prevent damage.


    How to use foam hair rollers overnight:


    Let the hair air dry while you sleep with foam rollers is a heat-free and healthy hair option. The clip attachment keeps the roller secure in place while you sleep and the soft sponge makes it comfortable for overnight wearing.


    Apply a satin bonnet over the hair to keep hair secure. It may take up to 8 hours. You’ll want to make sure your hair is dry before you remove the rollers because even a little dampness will cause frizz.

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