Every part of your look matters when putting on a sexy dress. From the top of your head to your toes, your overall look needs to compliment your style, bring out your personality, and give you feminine sex appeal. All this means finding the right hairstyle to match your dress, particularly its neckline. 


If you fail to choose the right hairstyle, your look may fall flat. Opt for an updo, and you may tiptoe into being too formal, or go for a free-flowing style and it may make you appear unkempt.



Rules for Matching Hairstyles and Dresses

When choosing hairstyles to wear with your dress consider these three primary factors:


1 Your neckline - your dress achieves a look that is both flattering and trendy. If it shows lots of skin, you don't want to hide any and need to choose an updo or half-up-half-down style.

2 Your mood - if you are feeling flirty and fun then your hairstyle should reflect this by incorporating colorful clips and braids. Likewise, if your attitude is sober and sweet than a sweeping ponytail full of curls is a better option.

3 Your dress length - the length of your dress determines how conservative or flirty you want to be. It influences your hairstyle because you want to keep the look fluid. Longer dress lengths need more traditional and modest styles while shorter dresses, well, are designed to tempt all the boys.


Although most necklines work well with a variety of hairstyles, to bring out the best in your dress you must choose a hairstyle that flatters it's neckline rather than conflicts with it or conceals it.


As a general rule, necklines that are elaborate need hairstyles pulled away from the face. Pulled back hair allows us to appreciate the dress' intricate and feminine design better.


Necklines that are simple, like strapless or sweetheart designs, allow variety in your hair, and so your hairstyle depends on factors like your mood and dress length. In this article, we run through some specific examples.


Side Ponytail

Dresses with these kinds of necklines tend to have more weight on one side of the dress since there’s only one strap. To balance out this uneven weight distribution, go for hairstyles that are styled on the opposite side of the strap. Side ponytails would work very well! There are many ways you can style this look.


The updos


Bateau necklines usually sit either at or sometimes a little above the collarbone so it will specifically highlight your neck. Up-dos will complement this neckline best. It will add height to your hair and will elongate your body as well. Anything that makes you look taller and slimmer is always a good thing! The best up-dos for bateaus are neat chignons and bouffants.



Simple up-do

This neckline has a sheer fabric that spreads across from the chest to the shoulder/collar area. This gives designers a lot of room for design because the sheer fabric is like a blank canvas so you need to take this into account when choosing a hairstyle. If there is a lot of detail on your neckline like beads or intricate designs, any simple up-do would be great because it will showcase the beautiful design on your neckline.  If there is very little or no detail then opt for a half up-do. You don’t want to put all of your hair down because it would take away too much attention from your neckline and that’s one of the highlights of your gown!