Spring-Summer would be the favorite season of many of us. Although during these times, the weather may get hot and humid, many of us still love these seasons because sunshine and warm weather makes people happy and smile. It’s also nice to dress up and feel free during these times as well. Unlike during the cold season where you just want to cover and bundle up so you could stay warm and you couldn’t care less about what you look like. 

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If you’re dressing up this season, pretty sure you’re not overlooking your makeup and your hair; because you know it is part of your #OOTD. It’s understandable that we get so lazy to do the last two sometimes and that there are days that we don’t have the time to spend for makeup and hairstyling. Yeah, yeah, it makes it easy to throw back on days we can't deal. But there are so many hairstyles that you can do on a daily basis that doesn’t require too much effort and time and yet will still make you look put-together.


Here are 6 hairstyles perfect for Spring-Summer that you can easily do and use for any day of the week:


Side Braids. Ahhhh the classic braid, so easy to do yet super stylish and will give the impression that you made an effort with your look today. You can do a French braid which starts at the top of your head and braids all the way to the tip of your hair making sure you braid it towards one side. Don’t know how to braid? I’m telling you, it’s easy peasy, just watch some tutorials online and in no time, you’ll be a braiding master. 

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Fish Tail Braids. This type of braid is fancier than the usual braid but easier to create than the French or Dutch braid because you only use 2 strands of hair. Fishtail braids look better if you have very thick or dense and long hair to be able for it to be very visible. If you are not one of those who isblessed with such, one great suggestion is that you use clip-in hair extensions to achieve a beautiful looking fishtail braid.  goddess style4

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4+1 stw

Milkmaid Braids. This type of braid is probably the dreamiest and ethereal of all the braids invented in the world. It is super perfect for Spring and Summer especially if you’re wearing flowy dresses or if you want to sport a no-fuss but pretty hairdo with your swimsuit. The only thing is that you have to have very long hair to be able to pull this off. You can either use clip in hair extensions or weaves with this one so you have more hair to work with. Again, there are tons of tutorials online on how to do milkmaid braids if you don’t know how to do them. 

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Sleek back basic ponytail. You’ve seen this hairdo a hundred million times already, it is the easiest style to do and needs the less product, time and effort. But if you want to up the ante and do how the celebs like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Zendaya do it, try adding some human remy hair extensions to your hair for that long, sleek and natural looking hair for you to tie into a ponytail. 

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Top Buns. Buns are life savers. They may look like the lazy girl’s hairstyle default, but they actually can look like the best hairdo that you have ever pulled off if you just know when to employ them. For casual days you can go for the messy buns and for more formal days use some products to smoothen and flatten your hair for a slick look. 

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Big Curls. Nothing screams so feminine as sporting soft big curls. You know, like the long, flowing, perfectly imperfect waves stars like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Jenner rock. It’s a no fail hairstyle that every girl can rack up to feel extra girly and look very put together. Use big barrel curling irons to achieve this look or if you’re feeling a little lazy you have two options to achieve this: 1. put your hair in a bun, remove it after a few hours and spritz some hair spray on your hair to make the curls stay or 2. Use body wave hair extensions that are already wavy and/or pre-dyed. And voila, you’re a bombshell in no time. 

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3+1 bw frontal

I hope you guys love these hairstyles and try to do them while you enjoy your spring and summer activities. For all your hair extension and hair guide needs, don’t forget to check out http://www.rebeccafashion.com regularly. Until next time lovelies!