dusty colors

Dusty colors seem to have a classic and vintage appeal that can serve as both neutral and accent colors. Dusty colors,which means that they aren’t clear colors, but “dusty”, have lost some of their brilliance. They are much more muted. The dusty colors are great when you don't want clear colors because they can give your eyes a place to rest. Dusty hair is also a fun way to play with color, and the muted, ashy tones keep it from being too intense.

TT1B/TUQIV - Dusty Teal

dusty green1

dusty green2

Dusty Teal. They're the sort of colors that take you someplace dreamy, with its ability to act as both a cool, soothing color. The color adds subtle yet striking tones to even black hair.

dusty green3

PINK2- Dusty Rose

dusty pink1

Dusty rose are both fun and sophisticated in that they show personality. This is considered a color with girlish, soft and tender high-fashion. However dusty rose hair is a muted, lovely take on pastels that won’t overwhelm your face. It’ll add just a touch of vibrancy to your shadowed pastel wavy hair.

dusty pink2

TT1B/SG18-Dusty Blue

dusty blue1

Dusty Blue itself has a magical power. It is not bright and not so flamboyant. It achieves a good balance between calmness and agility. A very popular wedding color is Dusty Blue, and I think you would not like to miss the trends.

dusty blue2

TT1B/PURPLE10-Dusty Purple

dusty purple1

This color promotes romance, luxury, and mystery. If you’re going for something that is more on the trendy side, you will love our “Dusty Purple” shade. This color still presents an aura of royalty, but in a dusty shade. An approachable feeling is created. This purple is a major color trend and is going to get a ton of likes on Instagram! Would you like it?

dusty purple2

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