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  • Angela had her hair cut the other day,and the barber said to her:”Your hair is too thin to style,why not perm it to have a fluffy look?”

    She’s got used to it ,every time she went a barbershop,she got this comment.She’s worried about it,but what she can do?She thought about wearing a wig but she’s afraid of being mocked by others,and she’s worried about being recognized.

    She should have come to Rebecca Fashion early ,and her agony would’ve long gone.Here in Rebecca Fashion,we offer you the full lace human hair wig,you just need to wear the wig cap in which the hair is sewn.

    What is full lace human hair wig?

    Full lace human hair wigs are produced with a wig cap which is a thin lace sewn on top of it.Full lace wigs will have a lace all around and must to be cut when you wear them.Around your entire head you will be cutting a hairline.After it you can wear your hair anyway you like.Once it is applied, you will have a stunning hair that look like your real hair on your head.

    What kind of people can wear it?

    Lace wigs are for anyone! Men, Women, Teens, Children, young and old. Lace wigs are great for cancer patients, alopecia patients, anyone experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, or scalp disease. Or you simply want a fabulous hair style without ironing it ,allowing your own hair to become healthier and grow back. You come to the right place! We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality full lace human hair wigs at very reasonable prices. Our beautiful lace wigs can last up to one year if cared properly.

    What are the advantages of full lace human hair wigs?

    Full lace wigs give you the flexibility to style your hair as you want, ponytail, up-do or a normal hair down style. These wigs look like your own hair. Moreover, they are light, breathable and can be parted anywhere along the scalp.

    Full lace human hair wigs are just like your real hair, you can even do normal activities with such as exercising, swimming, showering, sweating, etc. We recommend that you do not get your wig wet in the first 24 hours after you apply the adhesive. We also recommend that you use water proof adhesive.

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  • You want to try on a wig,but you’re scared. You want a wig that’s inexpensive. And, of course, you want a wig that looks real too. Ladies of all backgrounds and ages want to have a beautiful hair style.However,not everyone born with it,so you can choose a wig looks natural that you could wear it to work or school and no one would suspect.

    Here in Rebecca Fashion offers you with the inexpensive wig that look real,perfect hair wigs for ladies.And you need to learn how to wear it properly.

    First,choose the right color. When it comes to the color of your wig,in order to lower the chances of your hair looking fake, simply start with your natural hair color and go up to three shades darker or lighter. You can also change you color based on season, with darker shades in the autumn and winter ,and lighter for spring and summer.

    Second, have it customized to fit your face shape.Don’t put it on directly the minute you take it from the box,have it customized by your stylist and create the perfect hair style for you.

    Third, use specially created product to take care of your wig.Make sure you’re purchasing the sulfate-free products for your wig in order to help it look better for longer.

    Forth, use your natural hair to disguise a wig, especially in the hairline area. The crescent shape of wigs that are under the natural hairline is often the clue that could easily gives it away.

    Fifth, If you’re planning on using your wig for a long time, you need to buy a wig head that will help it retain its shape when you are not using it.

    These are the ways that can make the inexpensive wig looks real ,especially the hair wigs for ladies.

    In Rebecca Fashion you willfind more kinds of wig you like,curly, straight,wavy,etc.We offer various inexpensive wigs that look real for every lady who dreams of having a beautiful hair.

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  • Summer is right on the corner and what that means for many ladies is that they’re looking for their new attractive hair style. There are so many options and it truly depends on your lifestyle, desired maintenance level, personal hair philosophy and funds. If you’re a fond of traditional hair extensions then you may choose to wear a sew in wig, like a frontal sew in.

    What is a frontal lace wig?

    Frontal lace wigs human hair go from ear to ear and covers the front of your entire hair line. A frontal is usually 13’’ long and 4’’ wide and can be made of lace or silk. It is sewn down behind your ear so that the hairline looks natural.

    With a frontal, you can pull your hair into a high bun or ponytail and it looks super natural like your own hair. a frontal covers your edges and gives you a hairline.

    Lace frontal wigs human hair are suitable for those who don’t have edges, they're not really for people who have full edges because it’s a substitute. Also they are available for cancer patients with hair loss caused by chemotherapy or scalp disease.They are also great for those who want a change of looks and don't want to chemically damage their own hair. If you are allergic to glue or sweat a lot,there are glueless and sewn frontal for you.

    How to apply the frontal lace wigs human hair with adhesive?Here are some steps:
    1.Brush your hair back smoothly, braiding it. Use a hair cap to make your hair flat under the unit.
    2.Clean your forehead with alcohol and remove the extra oil from your skin because adhesive holds better when you apply it to less oily skin.
    3.Put the lace frontal on the front of your head . Adjust it to match your natural hairline.
    4.Use shaving cream to the perimeter of your hairline and shave the hair along your hairline to prevent the adhesive from sticking to your natural hair.
    5.Cut off the excess lace . Start from the left ear and cut as close to the lace frontal hairline as possible .
    6.Fold the lace frontal back and use the bonding glue or tape to your forehead along the perimeter of your hairline. Press it down on your forehead to make it firm .
    7.Tie a scarf around your head. Wait for 20 minutes for the glue to bond and dry.

    If you care your frontal lace wig human hair properly,it can last very long, and you should remember to wash it

    regularly,because you wear it frequently ,and you may present in smoking place, bad weather condition, etc. Generally you can wash it every 10-12 wearings or every 2-4 weeks.We hope you like your frontal lace wig .

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