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    Airbrush makeup kit won`t be strange for many young girls and modern women nowadays. compared to the traditional makeup , the main function of airbrush affect is to give a perfect bottom makeup with its dedicated airbrush makeup containing, including the gun, compressor and airbrush makeup product. In today`s Makeup category of rebeccafashion, we will go to introduce a new type of makeup method-the airbrush makeup kit, including particular airbrush makeup formulas as well as the way to use.


    Airbrush makeup kit has its own dedicated makeup formulas, the 3 basic types are silicone based, water based as well as alcohol based airbrush makeup. Before you start to use airbrush makeup kit, knowing the types of formula based airbrush makeup will do good for you.




    #Airbrush makeup kit-silicone based




    As one of the common formula for airbrush makeup, silicone based formula is brilliant for its

    features of powerful water resistant, flexible, and long remaining for up to 12 hours. The silicone

    based airbrush makeup can be used in the range of foundation, blushers, contour colors as well

    as illuminators. With it in airbrush makeup kit, the powerful and durable effect can be created

    , which is perfect for film and HD photos models.


    #Airbrush makeup kit-water based





    Compared to the silicone based airbrush makeup formula, the water based formula can be more easier to wash away, which means this type of airbrush makeup can dry immediately when it is added on the skin. From this shining point, water based formula can be widely used for body coverings in airbrush makeup kit.


    #Airbrush makeup kit-Alcohol based





    The longest airbrush makeup kit can be created by Alcohol based formula, which is waterproof and containing a strong power for flaws covering. This type of formula for airbrush makeup kit is the driest one among silicone and water based. Take it for airbrush makeup kit for a perfect  special effect makeup or prosthetic job, such as the freaky cosplay or Halloween parties.


    Well, till now you might already knows the dedicated formulas of airbrush makeup kit. Just get your best airbrush makeup by choosing the most suitable formula! Let`s take a video of airbrush makeup for Halloween here, if you are lack of a ambitious hairstyle, the category of synthetic wigs might do you a favor!



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    Korean makeup look and western makeup look are different, but the picture above describe a lot. The Korean makeup are not the series of heavier makeup including the thick smoky eye or the foundation. In another word, Korean makeup persist the idea of not to be far away from your natural look. You will notice that lots of girls with Korean makeup looks naturally without too much foundation and eyeshadow, with the naturally ruddy temperament on their face and lips. Moreover, Korean makeup is the best choice for Asian girls, cause the natural beauty is the chase in most of the Asian girls, which can be perfectly given by Korean makeup. In the Makeup category, Korean makeup-one of the most natural beauty becomes our topic today.


    Before we start to get the Korean makeup, the Korean makeup styles of lips, eye makeup, foundation and blush are 4 main features you need to have a rough concept.


    Korean makeup lips





    In order to highlight the natural beauty, the lips of Korean makeup should be the light fresh series of pink, red, etc. You can also take the other different colors such as the dark purple or grunge Korean look for the celebrities such as Halloween. Moreover, to get a better choice of Korean makeup lips, the article of lipsticks make up for dress can be your note.


    Korean makeup for eyes





    Korean makeup for eyes? There is seldom Korean eye makeup with heavier shadows, even if the smoky eye. The most popular eyeshadows for Korean makeup is the series of earth tone, or the light red. The Korean makeup eyebrows are not as sharp as western, most of them are slight and straight, releasing the natural beauty of Korean makeup. As you can see, the Korean eyes makeup are light and clear, so forget about the heavier eyeshadows if you want the pure Korean makeup.


    Korean makeup foundation





    The basic melodies of foundation in Korean makeup are light white and natural earth tone, which means that the foundation in Korean makeup is used to brighten your skin color. You need to choose the one can make you a naturally white look, alternatively the series of earth tone is a popular choice for Korean makeup. No matter which style you want, the chosen one should be based on your natural skin color. To get perfect Korean makeup foundation, white series are more suitable for girls with natural white skin color; the earth tone series are more perfect for girls with normal skin color.


    Korean makeup blush





    Blush is necessary in many styles makeup, so does Korean makeup. Keep in mind that the blush should be the series of red, including the orange based, light pink and many other choices. There is a tips for taking the perfect blush for Korean makeup, keep the color as the same as your lips, for example the orange lips you prefer more, then get the orange based blush for your Korean makeup.

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    Today we will take how to shape eyebrows as the topic to continue our makeup category. Having a bright eyebrow shapes will always improve your impression on other`s heart, showing a signature of self management and mental situation. The key points for how to shape eyebrows perfectly is follow your natural lines of eyebrows and scratch those are extra and messy away. Now follow us for how to shape eyebrows step by step.




    Preparation for how to shape eyebrows


    As a tips of beauty and natural harmonious, we recommended you to take the makeup products without animal testing. You can refer to is smashbox cruelty free to get the vegan brands.


    *A pencil particular for eyebrows shaping

    *An eyebrow gel

    *2 slanted tweezers


    *An eyebrow brush

    *A lash comb

    *An eyebrow curved

    #A facial razor




    Steps for how to shape eyebrows


    #1. Wash your face thoroughly as possible as you can in order to see your eyebrows line clearly.


    #2.Take the eyebrow gel to your eyebrow, which is helpful for hair flatting, softening and moisturizing so you can shape eyebrows easily.


    #3.Wipe away the extra unwanted eyebrows with a pair of slanted tweezers. Determine the extra hair by stretching out your eye skin around with one hand and use another hand to hold onto the tweezers.




    #4.Remember to pull out the hair in the direction of hair growth for tweezers will offense your eyebrows to grow. Then take the eyebrows brush to wipe away the piecemeal cut eyebrows.


    #5.Clip the eyebrows with lash comb and eyebrow curved, then take the eyebrow brush to wipe away the extra hair.


    #6.Stretch your eyebrows again to get a clearer line, then take the facial razor to remove the unwanted eyebrows on the top. When the top of eyebrow shaping is done, you can go under the eyebrows and begin to shave from the outer to the inner corner of the brows.


    #7.How to shape eyebrows? You`ve almost done! Take the eyebrow pencil to fill your brows, get the one with a flat tip is much helpful eyebrows filling.


    #8.This is the last step for how to shape eyebrows. Take brow highlighter pencil to highlight the top of your eyebrows and arch to define brows more.


    Now take a note of this video of how to shape eyebrows by #MirellaBelle




    Always feel imperfect when you look into the mirror? Maybe you are just short of a nice long hair. Now take a look in the category of long wig in rebeccafashion to get your favorite one!




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    Take ELF primer to get drugstore glitter makeup is the topic today in category of Makeup. No one will refuse the shiny glitter makeup, especially in fashion shows or celebrities. A perfect drugstore glitter makeup will bring you look mysteriously and sexy. If you have no idea for how to get drugstore glitter makeup, now let`s go start with the elf glitter primer step by step.


    Primer is one of the most important basic preparations for getting a sticky glitter makeup, including the drugstore clam. The elf glitter prime is a vegan cosmetic glitter of is smashbox cruelty free, whose glitter eyeshadow brush is also a kind of highly recommend for glitter makeup.


    Just take a video about how to get holographic glitter makeup by Bella Fiori



                                                            Click for Drugstore glitter makeup video by Bella Foiri


    What you will need for drugstore glitter makeup


    1.ELF glitter primer

    2.ELF cosmetics glitter applicator

    3.White or black bases for glitter makeup sticky pressed glitter eye shadow

    4. Cosmetic adhesive or glitter glue for sticky loose glitter eye shadow

    5.Earth tone series of lips and foundation, the heavy of smoky eyes depends on you.

    *Lock glitter makeup with a setting spray or foundation in the end

    *Cotton rounds and oil-based eye makeup remover for clean the glitter makeup




    Steps of elf glitter primer for drugstore glitter makeup


    *ELF cosmetics glitter brush is needed to press eyeshadows

    *ELF glitter primer is applied after finishing eyeshadows makeup. White bases make eye shadow shades brighter, vibrant, which results the color in the pan; black bases create a deeper, more saturated color.

    *Lightly tap elf glitter brush, more wanted angle for application is allowed by tilting your head back

    *Apply mascara for smoky eye in glitter  

    *Finish your drugstore elf glitter primer makeup with earth tone foundation and smear your lips in earth tone.

    *Pat the glitter onto your closed lid with it, stop when you feel glitter has settled into place and brush off fallen glitter on face


    Remove elf glitter primer makeup with olive or coconut oil


    Take few drops to a cotton round, gently press the round onto closed eyes staying about 1minite. Firmly press on the round and slide it off of your eyelid with fingers


    Hairstyles: The simple long hair is enough to go withdrugstore elf glitter makeup. If you are lack of this, a pack of Rebecca long wig will be the remedy of your elf glitter makeup!



    Rebecca 4Pcs/Lot Straight Brazilian Remy Virgin Human Hair Weft/Weaves R5





    Total Price: $94.32


    PRODUCT NAMEPRODUCT NAME: Brazilian Remy Straight Hair 4 Bundles Natural Hair Human Hair Weave

    HAIR COLOR: Natural Black

    HAIR LENGTH: 8-30 Inch

    HAIR TEXTURE: Straight Hair

    HAIR TYPE: Brazilian Hair

    HAIR WEIGHT: 95g / pc

    ITEMS / PACKAGE: 4pcs/Pack

    HAIR WEFT: Machine Double Weft

    HAIR QUALITY: 100% Remy Hair,Tangle Free, No Shedding, Soft & Bouncy

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    There are many choices for us to get a better makeup, the face primer is one of the popular selections among us. Face prime is an additional choices before foundation makeup, which is magic to cover the imperfect features on face like dull and spots. For those purchasing a perfect makeup, the face primer is one of what you must have. However, there are 3 types of face primer, including the lotion, cream and silicone. Most of us are not cleared clearly about the suitability. As a part of Makeup, we are going to talk about the choices of face primer today.




    #1.Cream Face primer




    Maybelline Cream Formula Face Primer


    Face type suitability: dry skin


    The cream formula face prime is the savior for girls with dry skin, for the feature of moisturizing ingredients. The amount of cream formula face primer should be taken depending on the reality.

    #2. Cream face skin




    Tarte Cosmetics Timeless Smoothing Face Primer


    Face type suitability: dry face

    Besides on the basic imperfection covering, face primer is also regarded as the timeless protector, the makeup face primer products with timeless technologies like the cream, lotion and silicone are alternative for you.


    #3.Silicone based-face primer




    Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Face Primer Light


    Face type suitability: oily skin

    As what the name said, the face primer with silicone can create a magic effect of smooth and silk . Unlike the cream face primer, this silicone based is perfect for girls with oily face type. Moreover, the silicone-based face primer with ingredients can balance oil and water very well and beyond the wearing time of makeup.


    In addition, the Smashbox is also well known of the cruelty free makeup products, if your face type is for this face primer, why not get this Smashbox silicone face primer a try?!


    #4.Lotion Face Primer




    Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer


    Face type: normal to combination skin

    If your face type is not the totally oil and dry, the lotion face prime could be your first choice. The lotion face primer is lighter than cream and silicone, formulated with hydrating ingredients that can be easily absorbed by skin. On average, the lotion face primer with the features of sun protection ranges around 15 SPF is the best lotion face primer.


    Based on the right conscious of your face type, hope this easy article of face primer will do you a favor for a perfect makeup! 

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    When you standing in front of the camera or mirror, no one will refuse the photographer or makeup artist create the most beautiful you. If you want to get the most perfect effect, you need a smart shining standing ring light to offer enough brightness for them. As a part for makeup, now we will show you several steps to get a diy ring light with stand. It is also a secret for you to get the perfect photos by ring light with stand.




    What a diy makeup right light with stand needs?


    *Rope lights

    *Nail file

    *Wreath frame

    *Zip Ties


    Tips. The size of ring light with stand is not the only one, you should know the perimeter of your mirror or lens, then center the rope lights, wreath frame and zip ties with the size of your mirror, getting an adjustable switch on the diy ring light is perfect if you could, which enables you to be more creative.




    Steps for diy ring light with stand


    *1.Location determination. The first step is to determine the location of the diy standing ring light,

    higher, lower or in the middle of your mirror. For the makeup mirror, the size of your ring light

    with stand couldn`t beyond your mirror; for the camera lens, your diy ring light with stand should

    be a little bigger than the lens.


    *2.Rope lights unplugged





    For safety and easy operations of diy ring light with stand, you need to unplug the rope lights from the electrical cord.


    *3.Carefully and securely tie




    The third step for ring light standing is that ensure the perimeter of wreath frame, then take one end of rope light around the wreath frame and fasten them with zip tie on the outer edge securely. When you finish the first tie, secure the rest of rope light in the same way.


    *4. Cut the end of zip tie. This is not the necessary steps, you can get rid of it if you are in busy.





    * Stand for ring light





    Actually a diy ring light is finished by now. Take a light stand to fasten the ring light to make it standing in front of your mirror. To use the diy ring light with less trouble afterwards,  remember to put the end of rope light downwards to where the electrical cords connects.


    Now this is what you will get in the end!




    Open your own diy ring light and see what you could do, a perfect makeup won`t be out of your mind. Worrying about the hairstyle? Also follow the easy DIY to get a special hairstyle!


    Just be lack of a pack of Loose Wave to make full use of working ring light stand?




    Price: $77.56

    Brand Name: Rebecca Fahion                                        

    Can Be Dyed : Yes

    Material: Human Hair

    Can Be Permed: Yes

    Material Grade: Remy Hair

    Texture: Loose Wave

    Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

    Items per Package: 3PCS

    Unit Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/piece

    Hair Weft: Machine Double Weft


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    The article about is smashbox cruelty free, you know that having a natural vegan makeup is what a healthy skin need. In this article, we will talk about 3 choices diy setting spray. As the first important basic for daily makeup and skin care, the spray also matters very much, which is the direct moisturizing provider for our skin. The dry or hot weather keeps reminding you a spray lying in your bag. Ask yourself that how much you need to pay for a spray with 30ml? How soon you need to pay for another new one? How can you ensure the spray you are using does no harm to your skin? A bottle of diy setting spray can perfectly solve these questions, for its lower price and easy steps to make.

    How to get aloe vera diy setting spray


    An aloe vera diy setting spray can be finished in 3 simple ways, as long as you have these preparations below.




    Preparations for aloe vera diy setting spray

    *1 spoon of pure aloe vera gel

    *3 spoons of purified water

    *Essential oil if you want more moisturizing

    *A bottle for done diy setting pray




    Steps for aloe vera diy setting spray

    * Take hot or warm water to clean thoroughly bottles for diy setting spray.

    *3 parts of water need to be added for every 1 part of pure aloe vera

    * Few drops of vitamin E oil of 2 drops of essential oil if you want more natural fragance.

    *Pour them into the sanitized empty spray bottle then shake it, your diy aloe vera setting spray is done.


    How to diy rose water setting spray





    Rose water is good for skin care and hair. The rose water spray with natural fragrance can be diy setting by yourself, now follow the steps to make your rose water diy setting spray.


    Preparations for rose water diy setting spray

    *2 roses for 1 cup of rose petals

    *Vitamin E oil if you need

    *Bottle for finished diy setting spray




    Steps for rose water diy setting spray

    *Clean the rose petals thoroughly ,then put them into a bowl.

    *Take bottle or distilled water to fill the bowl till the rose petals are covered .

    *Take a lid to cover the bowl and simmer it with low flame, steaming until the petals lost color.

    *Save the rose water (you can add the VE) into refrigerate with another container.

    * Half hours later, you can take this diy rose water setting spray to go out


    How to get witch Hazel diy setting spray





    Another popular used spray is witch hazel. Getting a diy witch hazel setting spray helps to get rid of irritation, acne or inflammatory skin problems with drama price.


    Preparations for witch hazel diy setting spray

    *Witch hazel

    *Water, alternative rose water for dry skin




    Steps for witch hazel diy setting spray

    *3 spoons of water for every 1 spoon of witch hazel

    *Put them into a spray bottle and shake it for about 1 minute, and store it with fridge.

    *The witch hazel diy setting spray is done.


    DIY makes healthy beauty, why not follow our easy DIY to go out with gorgeous styles?


    You may need a pack of 17 inches Natural Human Deep Curly Wavy Hair Wig





    Price:$ 192.35

    Item Name: HH RACHEL

    Texture: 100% Human Hair

    Origin: Hair Collected From Local Girl

    Type: WIG

    Can Be Dyed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Can Be Permed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Available Color: 1B

    Net Weight: 130g

    Length: 17"

    Package: Sidewall With PP Bag

    Advantage: High Quality Human Virgin Hair Wavy Deep Curly Wave Lace Closure Wig 17 Inch.

    Delivery  DHL(3~5 working days ), UPS( 2~4 working days).

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    Nowadays, we are more and more purchasing for an environmental era, which means living around harmoniously is a trend. To be beautiful but need to be harmony with nature, the idea of cruelty free makeup is coming out, requiring to no more animal testing. As we know, there are too many makeup products around us, claiming that they are the exactly cruelty-free makeup, if you keep asking like is smashbox cruelty free? Actually many of them are not true. Moreover, except the smashbox which is exactly cruelty-free, here we will show you 10 more vegan makeup brands without animal testing.








    If you still wondering smashbox is really cruelty free, then yes again. As the part of European Partnership For Alternatives To Animal Testing, the products of smashbox is cruelty free makeup consisting no animal testing exactly. 







    Beside the smashbox cruelty-free approved, Parcifia is known as vegan cruelty free makeup without parabens, peanut oil triclosan containing, which is a perfect definition of “ I don`t want to look old quickly”  


    #3.ELF cosmetics





    As one of the well-known cruelty free makeup like smashbox, the comparative advantage of ELF could be its kindly price and the features of effective, practical and functional. If you tried ELF before, you won`t forget only $6 dollar cost blush.


    #4. Dose of colors





    There should be one more reason for you to love Dose of colors with all of your enthusiasm like the cruelty smashbox, the series of Dose of colors are 100% the kind of cruelty free makeup, with the vegan containing. Just take it to be beautiful and friendly with the furring around you!


    #5.Anastasia Beverly Hills





    Eyes are the windows of your heart. Except the cruelty free foundation given by smashbox, If you want to show up with the best of you, the eyes makeup can`t be ignored. The famous brand Anastasia Beverly Hills honestly persist in makeup without honey or beeswax, that`s why its brow products and eyeshadow palettes are hot sale.







    To be consisted with the faith of vegan wanting the beauty, a vegan lip can meet all of your needs in your hurry morning with no time for cruelty free smashbox foundation. The series lips of Kylie brand is a great choice for you, enabling lots of time saving and real cruelty free.


    #7.Jeffree Star Cosmetics





    Most of us believe smashbox is cruelty free and are used to take in our daily time. As the color in the cosmetic box shown, Jeffree Star enables us a cruelty free makeup to show out in celebrities like Halloween without any worrying about the guilty of animal testing!


    #8.BH Cosmetics





    For beauties focus on Shaaanxo makeup in Yutube, the palette of BH should be impressive. Just like the faith that smashbox is cruelty free, if the certified vegan brand is the key point when you choosing a makeup product, then BH Cosmetics are the one obviously that you need. Without the drama price, the foundation, lipstics and eye makeup are also 3 cruelty free signature of BH Cosmetics.







    If the cruelty free smashbox looks perfect for mature of older women, look at the lovely Hello Kitty, the brand of Colour pop seems like to offer their vegan makeup for teenager girls. As the approved cruelty free makeup brand, colourpop will get rid of the retouched for its durable, also give a smooth pretty feeling for girls.






    Pro powder foundation lovers won`t forget the bareMinerals. Want to get a pro powder foundation with the strong faith like smashbox is cruelty free, bareMinerals couldn`t get out of your makeup list. Besides the pretty natural foundation, their hot sale brushes are made of goat and pony hair, which won`t do any harm to animals.


    Pay more attention to cruelty free smashbox makeups, don`t forget your hairstyle! Take the pack of Brazilian Remy Virgin Human Hair 100% made of fallen human hair to make a creative look!



    Price: $63.14

    Brand Name: Rebecca Fahion     

    Can Be Dyed: Yes

    Material: Human Hair

    Can Be Permed: Yes

    Material Grade: Remy Hair

    Texture: Straight

    Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

    Items per Package: 3PCS

    Unit Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/piece

    Hair Weft: Machine Double Weft

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    The 5th annual iHeartRadio Music Awards passed a week ago, as one of the hostess, Rihanna showed up with her grunge makeup invariably. If you are kind of enthusiastic in the rocky music and the styles, you won`t be strange with the grunge makeup. When the grunge makeup is spoken, Rihanna is the one won`t be forgotten. As a the vintage significant of grunge makeup, the violet series of lips, the smoky eyes and the rocky purple hairstyles are 3 basic what you must-have. In the modern era, if you are nostalgic and want to give the rocky grunge makeup with a little freaky a try, now this article can be your grunge makeup tutorials.




    #1.Sexy low-key grunge makeup





    This kind of low-key makeup could be seen everyday actually, cause it is a kind of makeup for daily work and life, but it is hard to figure out it is the grunge makeup. Just take out your plum lipsticks and earth tone foundation, give your eyes a light smoky shadow. If you want to be perfect, a simple curly shoulder length hairstyle will makes you a rocky sexy.


    #2.Bronze brown soft grunge makeup





    Need to give out a rocky show but too young to hold on the heavier smoky eyeshadow, or not the types of rocky girls? A soft light grunge makeup is the types you exactly need. Try one a bronze smoky eye makeup with a mauvey brown lips, such as the nude lipsticks and nude eyeshadow, which can give you the necessary dark shade of grunge makeup without the emo impression. Then go out with your casual hairstyle, you can hold your show!


    #3. Creative colored grunge makeup





    For most of 90s girls, give some creation for the classic makeup is a trendy fashion, including the colored grunge makeup. It is hard to imagine how can the dark emo grunge makeup can be colored, but forget about the confusion and look at the picture above. Yes, trying the different color of hairstyles, such as the grey or light green (alternatively with a package of wig or hair extension) , covering your face with the heavier red lip and white foundation, giving a little bit red for eyeshadow, you will be surprised at such a creative colored grunge makeup showing by yourself!


    #4.Grunge makeup focusing on smoky eye





    Wanna the kind of simple grunge makeup without so many programs? Just focusing on the steps of your smoky eye which is the key point for grunge makeup. If you want to go with a simple grunge makeup, keep in mind that the same basic colors of hair, eyeshadow, lips and your outfit are important. For a girl with brown hair, a little heavier nude eyeshadow is enough. Then take on your jacket, white shirt and jeans, you will be a landscape.


    #5. Rihanna Grunge makeup style





    Still want to keep up with grunge makeup of Rihanna? This one could be a classic shining grunge makeup of her. About the choices of lips, it`s more suitable for blue or the series of heavier earth tone. You know that the smoky eye is no longer a key point in this grunge makeup, but exactly your hairstyles. Just keep a light smoky eyeshadow and pick up your blonde white hair. You can choose the whole grunge makeup to go with balayage, blonde white clipped in hair extension or wigs. The Grunge makeup of Rihanna is Done!


    Now take the 90s creative grunge makeup video and give yourself a try!



    Necessary hair for grunge makeup like Rihanna

    Rebecca Brazilian Virgin Hair Silky Straight 7pcs/pack Clip-in Extension White color 120gm




    Price: $ 51.44


    Texture: 100% Human Hair

    Origin: Hair Collected From Local Girl


    Can Be Dyed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Can Be Permed: Yes, please under the guidance of the professional stylist.

    Available Color: 613

    Net Weight: 120g

    Length: 12-22"

    Package: Cardboard With PP Bag

    Advantage: 1.Professional designers/sales/experienced workers.

    2.Perfect quality control system.

    3.Can be ironed and restyled.

    4.Tinnest softest and most flexible weft.

    Delivery: UPS( 2~4 working days),E-Packet(5-7 working days)


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    There is an old famous saying for makeup quote “ People makeup for who loves them”. Here we will talk about the funny makeup quotes between girls and their boyfriends. For most of girls they are facing to just 2 basic questions that should I makeup or not? Then you will choose to makeup in the end, that`s why the cost in Sephora can get your boyfriends crazy every time you come back! 




    “He should be glad that I didn`t stay in Sephora over night!”


    When your boyfriends ask you if you really need Sephora, here is the most active emotion from most of makeup quotes from boyfriend




    For girls go broke and walk by makeup shoppe, you may not forget the 2 Broke Girls when Caroline has to say good bye to her rich life just like this quote




    Girls won`t ignore their eyes makeup, the only differences is heavier or not. The picture of panda will tell you why. Sometimes girls will need to go out with a sexy smoky eye makeup. Here are some of makeup quote for smoky eye.





    When you are learning how to do smoky eye makeup, here is a funny comparison of makeup quotes for smoky eye




    Or you can do something that can satisfy what your boyfriend like, for example when he says that he likes the strawberry on your eyes




    Smoky eye makeup couldn`t leave without wings, you believe you can go with a light wing in your smoky eye, here is how the makeup quotes go




    Here is the funny makeup quote that would happens to your boyfriend: How far would this wing go? 




    If you ask your boyfriend that how will a women look without makeup, I`ve got a picture of your boyfriend memes




    Then he will tell you he prefer girls without makeup look more. But here is a quote of no makeup look for girls that he never wanna know






    And how many foundations you have taken is your little secret!!


    There are also some funny makeup quotes from boyfriends about the unbelievable colors and amounts of lipsticks






    Funny quotes for wigs or hair extension, wigs make girls with different looks everyday. Just pick up a wig then you can go with thousands of looks 



    Rebecca 4Pcs/Lot Loose Wave Brazilian Remy Virgin Human Hair Weft/Weaves R5





    Brand Name: Rebecca Fashion     

    Can Be Dyed: Yes

    Material: Human Hair

    Can Be Permed: Yes

    Material Grade: Remy Hair

    Texture: Loose Wave

    Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

    Items per Package: 3PCS

    Unit Weight: 100g(+/-5g)/piece

    Hair Weft: Machine Double Weft

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